Effective advertising exposes your property to the maximum number of prospective tenants. We market your property using the services of the Multiple Listing Service of the Southland Realty Board; citywide print media (newspapers and trade publications); NARPM website; website; Internet rental sites; effective signage; and our Yellow Page Directory ad.

The importance of thorough tenant screening cannot be overemphasized. Your property is shown by appointment to qualified, prospective tenants. We screen and check every detail of their rental application, including complete credit and eviction checking; landlord references; property ownership; income, and employment. We know how to spot the "red flags" and eliminate potential problem renters. Your tenants are our tenants, too. We only want good ones.

We prepare the lease agreement, addenda and all required State and Federal documentation, and we do a physical move-in inspection with written move-in/move-out report.

When the water heater bursts or the toilet overflows at midnight, we get the call. You get the sleep!

Prompt rent collection; accounting and payment of your mortgage, taxes, insurance, homeowner association fees and all vendor bills is just a part of our accounting service. You also receive a detailed monthly statement of your property account with easy-to-use, year-end totals for tax preparation.

We have a large pool of reliable, trustworthy, independent contractors for every job imaginable. All have been in business for many years, all are licensed, insured, and competitively priced and provide prompt, professional, and reliable service.


About Nansco Management

Nansco Management, Inc. specializes in single family, condominium and multi-family property management. The goal of our company has always been to dedicate ourselves to client solutions. Service is both a product and a process; we engage in a proactive approach so that we always provide a profitable partnership for our clients.

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A cheerful, knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions. We are bonded and insured. Our commitment is to transcend our clients expectations through a dynamic business partnership. We encourage you to join us.

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